The Baddest of Bad Guys: A Look At Some of Hollywood’s Best Worst Men

Javier Bardem, Anton

It can’t be easy, playing the bad guy. Hurting someone everytime you walk around the corner. Never having to look over your shoulder because other people are doing the looking, and they’re looking for you. Where’s the surprise in life? Where’s the fun?! We’ve selected a few men who do it so well. From bad to baddest we’ve decided who to watch out for. More specifially, who to watch. It’s that time of year for costumes and make believe, but we believe it’s also the time to snuggle up close to your loved one. Even if fear is the only motivating factor behind your closeness, get close! From clowns to Aussies to ghosts of little girls, we’ve found the 10 most suspense-driven, scream out loud movies for anyone to enjoy (if you enjoy that kind of thing). Have fun, be safe, and remember to lock your door. 

GALLERY: The Best Bad Men

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