Schwarzenegger Plans 3D Film, Comic Book, Animated TV Series & Web Series

Arnold SchwarzeneggerAfter retiring from a solid career, most people sit back, collect their pension, and maybe take up a hobby. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans a multi-platform franchise based on a comic book superhero version of himself. You say potato, he says “ GET TO THA CHOPPA THERE’S A POTATOOOOOO!!!!”

As we’ve reported, Schwarzenegger had been planning a children’s animated series to follow around his character The Governator. Since Stan Lee was involved, some thought that a comic book might be in order as well and that is now confirmed. He’ll also be producing exclusive online content for the character.

However, the biggest news out of his Cannes’ press conference is a 3D feature film. It’s scheduled to come after the TV series and comic books, so expect to see it hit theaters in 2013. So sit back, light a joint, cop a feel, and prepare to have Arnold Schwarzenegger get animated in your face for the next three years or so.

Source: Deadline