Screen to Stage: ‘A Clockword Orange’ Goes Musical

a clockwork orangeWhen I usually go the theater, you usually have to prop my eyes open like, well, A Clockwork Orange. But now that they’re making a stage (and musical!) version of the book written by the author, Anthony Burgess, I might be able to keep my eye (singular for a reason, arrr) open.

Before dying in 1993, Burgess wrote a stageplay version of the book complete with musical numbers. And on the 50th anniversary of the book’s publication, the Royal Northern College of Music will perform the musical in Burgess’s hometown of Manchester during a limited run next summer.

This isn’t the first time the play has been produced. In 1990 the Royal Shakespeare Company performed the play and U2’s The Edge and Bono penned the music. Considering they’re luck lately with stage music, it’s probably for the best they stay away this time.

Source: Hollywood Reporter