SDCC 2011: Action Comes First in New ‘Tintin’ Image

SDCC 2011: Action Comes First in New ‘Tintin’ Image


Steven Spielberg is making his first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con to shout from the mountain tops about a project he’s been trying to make for over 20 years: The Adventures of Tintin. The comic, concerning a savvy reporter and his fluffy white dog Snowy as they travel the world and solve mysteries, is near and dear to the director’s heart and something of a return to form, in some respects. Tintin is Spielberg’s first animated film (as a way to achieve a closer look to the original illustrations), but the latest trailer for the film makes it look just as action packed as his Indiana Jones series.

You’ll have to be the judge, but Spielberg is ready to blow our minds at Comic-Con and this brand new image is a clear indication of what’s to come!