SDCC 2011: Robert Rodriguez on ‘Machete’ Sequels, ‘Sin City 2’ and More!


robert rodriguezRobert Rodriguez is an interesting filmmaker. Sure, he makes amazing movies like Sin City, but then he’ll do something like Shorts. Or he could something so badass, it’s not even funny like Machete, but then he follows it up with Spy Kids 4-D. And that’s what makes Rodriguez’s panel so interesting. We had no idea what he’d be showing us, only that he’ll have guest collaborators and he’ll show us some sneak preview footage of his top secret new project.

Here’s what we learned at the panel (thanks @DrewHitFix and FirstShowing for all the great updates!):

Rodriguez kicked off the panel with updates on his Machete sequels, Machete Kills and Macehte Kills Again. He jokes that the third entry in the series will take place in space…all though from the sound of people’s reactions, he might be pretty serious.

Next up, hints that Sin City 2 is on the verge of happening. According to Rodriguez, the movie consists of three stories, one of which is Frank Miller’s classic “A Dame to Kill For” and an original called “The Long Bad Goodnight.”

Rodriguez segued the panel into conversation on his new company Quick Draw Productions, which he hopes will give him the creative freedom of owning his own studio. The first project? A new version of Heavy Metal, the cult adult animation anthology film.Rodriguez welcome Kevin Eastman, creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the stage, as he’s involved with the new Heavy Metal. The two discussed how the anthology will work, three stories with an overarching lead story to wrap them all together. Rodriguez also mentions that Zack Snyder told him he wants to be involved with the film no matter the circumstances. He’s also invited amateur filmmakers to submit ideas, pitches or short films for possible inclusion in the movie (find out more here).

Finally, Rodriguez ended his panel with plans for a massive plan to unleash the work of artist Frank Frazetta out into the world. The artist whose drawings for John Carter of Mars amongst other fantasy properties inspired the director and besides opening a gallery of Frazetta’s work in Austin, TX, he also intends to adapt Frazetta’s 1983 animated film Fire and Ice into a live action movie a la Sin City. The movie will literally look like Frazetta’s work. Wow!

That’s the latest scoop on one of the most versatile filmmakers at SDCC. Be sure to check back for more updates!