Sean Hayes Is Larry in ‘The Three Stooges’

Sean HayesSo, that Three Stooges movie is still happening and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sean Hayes has been cast as Larry in the Farrelly brothers comedy. He joins Will Sasso, who will play Curly, but the role of Moe is still not yet cast. The film will not be a biopic, but will be separated into half-hour vignettes that will hopefully feature as many “so you’re a wiseguy, ehhh?” jokes as possible.

Hayes is best known for his role as Jack in Will & Grace, who was pretty much a stooge, so his casting actually seems spot on. Pending Moe’s casting, the only concern we have right now is with Sasso, whose latest work is that CBS sitcom about a Twitter feed. No, no, not that one. Or that one. But that one.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter