See Demetri Martin Find Comedy In Grief In ‘Dean’ Trailer


Losing a family member is tough, losing the one that actually cares about you is worse.

That’s the short version of Writer/Director/Star Demetri Martin‘s newest film ‘Dean’. Dean is an illustrator who crashes and burns when his mother passes away. That’s when he suddenly has to grow up and figure out how to move on. Not only that his Father (Kevin Kline) wants to move the house, and has even already found a new woman (Mary Steenburgen). Dean takes a trip away and meets Nicky (Gillian Jacobs), who then needs to go back to help his father.

‘Dean’ has already done pretty well for itself. The film won the Best Narrative Feature film from Tribeca in 2016, and critics are split between loving the film for its quirkiness and hating it for feeling like a repeat of other films.


Dean releases June 2, 2017.