See How ‘Moana’ Connects To Other Disney Films By Easter Eggs

‘Moana’ was an incredible Disney animated films, and we all know Disney animators love secrets.

Those secrets are called Easter Eggs, and they normally nods to other films, and in this case, some very popular Disney films.


This film isn’t Directors John Musker and Ron Clements first Disney films. About four decades worth of Disney films have been helmed under the two including The Little MermaidHerculesThe Princess and the Frog, and The Great Mouse Detective. They also worked on a person favorite Disney film of mine, Aladdin. In the above clip, find out where the two Directors put in some Easter Eggs to Aladdin you probably didn’t notice.

Frozen hit Disney screens in 2010 and no one could get their epic songs out of their heads (if you have a young sibling or child the song “Let It Go” probably still haunts you.) The beach Samoan islands of ‘Moana’ couldn’t be any farther than the castle of Arendelle, right? Wrong. The animators put in some Easter Eggs to connect ‘Moana’ with ‘Frozen’ that again, you probably didn’t catch when you saw the film in theaters.


All of these Easter Eggs and more can be found on the Blu-ray edition of Moana, which releases March 7, 2017.