See ‘South Park’ Versions of All Your Favorite Movie Characters

It’s often fun to think what certain movies would have been like if made by other directors. If Shyamalan helmed Avatar, would Pandora have turned out to be Earth all along? If Zemeckis worked on Pulp Fiction, would everyone have gotten out okay? What about if Trey Parker and Matt Stone had a hand in these movies?

Well, THAT we can actually show you. In the spirit of South Park‘s return to TV tomorrow night, the guys at NextMovie have created very South Parkian designs of some classic movie characters. The movies redesigned include Avatar, Pulp Fiction, Batman Begins, Harry Potter, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Twilight, Star Wars, Tron, The Hunger Games, and, as you can see below, The Big Lebowski. Click the below picture to see the rest of the images over at NextMovie.

South Park‘s fifteenth season picks up tomorrow night at 10 pm on Comedy Central.


Source: NextMovie