See The Haunting True Story Of The ‘Winchester’ House Trailer


The story of the Winchester Mystery House is extremely interesting.

It’s based around the Winchester family, and more importantly Sarah Winchester around 1884. The family is the name behind the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, one of the most famous rifles ever. After her husband passed she received 20 million dollars and the company was making about 1,000 a day. After a medium tells her that spirits of those killed by the rifles would haunt her she fled to California to build a mansion.

That’s where the story gets really interesting. Sarah was spoked that the ghosts would still haunt her so as construction continued so did her strange changes. Halls that lead to nowhere, mazes, a door that goes to the outside on the second floor, it is strange. The film ‘Winchester’ takes that story, believes the claims that Sarah (Helen Mirren) had, and send Eric Price (Jason Clarke) to analyze Sarah to figure out if she is sane or not.


‘Winchester’ releases February 23, 2018.

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