See The Trailer For Cannes Award Winning ‘Wind River’


Taylor Sheridan is quickly becoming a favorite writer/director of mine.

He hit the ground running with the screenplay to 2015’s Sicario, and then netted a best screenplay nomination for Hell or High Water. For his latest film ‘Wind River’ he decided to write and direct the film, and as it turns out that was a good idea. He won the Un Certain Regard for Best Director at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and Oscar buzz has definitely started.

The film follows a tracker (Jeremy Renner) who teams up with an FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) after a murder has happened in the cold mountainous territory of Wyoming. The agent must learn that in this territory there are no backups, and it’s up to you to battle the temperature as well as the foe to make sure you get the job done.


Wind River releases August 4, 2017.