See the Trailer for Horror/Comedy ‘Ready or Not’

We’ve all played the game Hide and Seek at some point in our lives, but in Fox Searchlight’s latest ‘Ready or Not’ things get deadly.

The new Bride Grace (Samara Weaving (yeah I thought it was Margot Robbie too)) is as happy as a bride could be on her wedding day. She’s marrying into the Le Domas family, the largest board game family in the world, and with that is some old school money. Her new husband Alex (Mark O’Brien) tells her that the tradition is the new bride has to play a game with the family, and she picks the Hide and Seek card. She hides and the game begins.

That’s where this story and film gets interesting. This is a deadly game, the entire family is given weapons and they have to kill Grace. The family is eccentric, kind of dumb, and bloodthirsty.

The film looks incredibly fun, and a little under the radar, which is what happened with Cabin in the Woods, and look at how that movie turned out.

‘Ready or Not’ releases on August 23, 2019.