See The Trailer For Mark Webber’s Personal Story ‘Flesh and Blood’


Mark Webber’s is taking a lot on his newest project ‘Flesh and Blood’. Webber wrote, directed, and starred in the piece and there’s no better person to do that with this story because it’s his story.

‘Flesh and Blood’ while a narrative is going to feel like a documentary. The film follows Mark Webber’s personal journey growing up with many of their real-life counterparts playing themselves. Mark is released from prison and returns to his impoverished neighborhood in Philidelphia. There Mark attempts to form a bond with his half-brother Guillermo (played by Mark’s actual half-brother) who is dealing with demons of his own. Their mother (played by their actual mother Cheri Honkala, who also happened to be the Green party’s nomination for VP in the 2012 election) tries to keep them all together and Mark goes out on a journey to meet his father for the first time in almost 30 years.

The film feels like it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster and Mark Webber has gone above and beyond to hopefully give us something special.


‘Flesh and Blood’ releases in Los Angeles on October 27, 2017, and New York November 10.

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