See What The Minions Are Up To In ‘Despicable Me 3’


Like it or not, The Minions are here and here to stay.

The 2015 Minions movie made over a Billion dollars worldwide, which is more than either Despicable Me or the sequel Despicable Me 2. Gru (Carrell) is off with his twin brother Dru (Also Carrell), Lucy (Wiig) is making sure he doesn’t turn into a villain again, and the Margo (Cosgrove) and the girls are off trying to find Unicorns and dealing with having a mom. So what about those yellow devils?

In the above interview Steve CarellKristen WiigMiranda Cosgrove, and musician Pharrell Williams are all talking Minions with us. They explain where we find them in the beginning, how they got to be on stage, and why we see them in jail.


Catch up more with the Minions when ‘Despicable Me 3’ comes out June 30, 2017.