6 Serious Actors We’d Love to See Do Sci-Fi

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Listen up A-listers: we’re not referring to supernatural thrillers, and not asking you for a superhero cameo. We’re talkin’ space helmets. It certainly hasn’t hurt Morgan Freeman.

Sean Penn

We already know you’re smart, committed and serious. We love that about you. But great sci-fi is prophetic, socially engaged and thought provoking. Isn’t that right up your Strasse?

Kate Winslet

Your credibility is tamper-proof, and it’s certainly because of your taste in material. We’re holding our breath for Divergent.

Colin Firth

We’re not poking fun at your precision, restraint and stateliness. In fact, that’s exactly why we’d love to see you helm a star ship.

Nick Nolte

Your grizzled screen presence would drench any alien invasion with gravitas. Give it up, man.

Diane Keaton

You are the reigning queen of off-the-cuff charm, and nobody wants to take that away from you. But your earnestness in Interiors convinces us you would make a fantastic space station shrink. And you’ll still be able to wear all white.

Robin Wright

There is no one — no one — we would trust more to save the planet. Except perhaps your ex.

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