Seth MacFarlane Follows ‘Ted’ with ‘Blazing Saddles’-style Western Comedy

Seth MacFarlaneAfter more than 15 years* of writing for television, Seth MacFarlane finally breached the movies game this year with the well-received comedy Ted. Since the picture’s release in June, MacFarlane has amounted a growing presence in the world of cinema: he was named host of the 85th Annual Academy Awards, has made mention of a possible Family Guy film, and is now reportedly behind a new big screen venture — a Western comedy that he will write, direct, and star in, which will be titled A Million Ways to Die in the West.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the film has been described as bearing the style of Blazing Saddles. The story is said to be set in the Old West, but will embrace a contemporary brand of comedy — presumably, MacFarlane’s usual melding of humors sexual, scatological, and racial. Reports are that the theme of the film will surround the highlighting of the endless hazards present in your typical Old West lifestyle.

The one MacFarlane staple that might not be readily available in this setting is pop culture references; one notable characteristic of the 19th Century was its notable deficit of ’80s sitcoms. Of course, the writer/director won’t necessarily be barred from applying the occasional anachronism or two, or at least crafting his own era-sensitive incarnations of pop culture phenomena. Who knows? There could have been a minstrel show version of Perfect Strangers running through the American frontier at one point or another. has reached out to MacFarlane for confirmation of the announcement.

*Prior to Family Guy, MacFarlane wrote for a slew of cartoon series, including Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, and the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective TV show.

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