Seth MacFarlane Will Not Host the Oscars — So Who’s Next?

Seth MacFarlane, Oscars 2013 Host

Good news for those who thought Seth MacFarlane’s delivery of breast-centric musical numbers and presidential assassination jokes were tacky and tasteless; bad news for anybody who loves a good von Trapp gag: the Family Guy creator and Ted writer/director will not be hosting the Oscars next year, or ever again.

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As has been the case of every marginally successful Academy Awards delivery, speculation had amounted following the show over whether MacFarlane would host again. But the musically-inclined comedian announced on Twitter Tuesday morning that he would not be reprising his role center stage.

The Academy might actually take this as a bit of bad news — despite MacFarlane’s controversial material and a Cloud Atlasian runtime, the show mustered some pretty high ratings, especially among young viewers. So who can they get next time around to rival MacFarlane’s intake?

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Clearly, people like musicals, so we’ll need someone who can handle a tune. Also, fans seemed to be into the whole Star Trek shtick, so perhaps another fan of the franchise. And it didn’t seem to hurt matters that MacFarlane has a long-running comedy series on a Top 4 network. Add all these together and you’ve got…

Jim Parsons. Wait, maybe we can do better than that. Okay, musically inclined + high rated network sitcom from the last few years – Star Trek humor + propensity for racy material…

Charlie Sheen. Um, one more shot. Let’s go for broke this time. Musically inclined (even marginally!) + racy material (even offscreen!) – network sitcom and Star Trek + has been in a recent movie with CGI characters…

Shia LaBeouf. Oh forget it. Let’s just get Neil Patrick Harris and call it a day.

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