Seth MacFarlane Might Be Late (and Drunk) for the Oscars — VIDEO

Seth MacFarlane, 85th Annual Academy Awards

Ever since Seth MacFarlane was announced as the 85th Annual Academy Awards host, he’s been under intense scrutiny — how well will the Family Guy creator fare onstage come Feb. 24? What tricks does he have up his sleeve with which to wow American audiences?

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Two words: different socks. Not different color (that’d be a little too over-the-top), but different fabric. Just unpredictable enough. At least that’s what MacFarlane seems to think in the below video, featuring a few comical snippets from his latest Oscars interview.

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But even with a plan as fail-safe as that, MacFarlane has a few worries about show night: getting to the show on time is a big one (especially with an extremely important meeting planned just beforehand), and, of course, maintaining sobriety. But he doesn’t seem too shaken up over it. It’s not like it’s the People’s Choice Awards.

Check out the new video below.

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