Seth McFarlane’s ‘Ted’ Enlists ‘90210’ Star as An Office Hussy

Jessica Stroup 90210Seth McFarlane’s big screen venture, Ted, is picking up steam, adding 90210 star Jessica Stroup as a supporting character in the film that follows Mark Wahlberg’s character as he deals with his come-to-life childhood teddy bear, who’s since become a giant pain in the ass in his adult life. Also on the table is Mila Kunis, as Wahlberg’s girlfriend whose boss (Joel McHale) has got the hots for her. With Stroup added into the mix, we’ll find Kunis’ co-worker who’s done a little more than play checkers with McHale’s bossman and apparently, he likes it good and weird.

Stroup has done some voicework for McFarlane’s Family Guy, but most of us know her best as Erin on 90210. It will definitely be weird for a way her to work her way to more mature roles — a swift switch from unsure high school student to office harlot — but hey, more power to her.

Source: THR