Seth Rogen Attached to Disney Spy Comedy ‘The B Team’

Seth RogenSeth Rogen gets a lot of chops for just being the guy who banks on his raspy laugh and jokes about narcotics. Nonetheless, I’ve always been a fan of his—not just his acting talents, but his behind-the-scenes work as well. Rogen was written a fair share of popular films, including Superbad and Pineapple Express (he also lent his pen to series Undeclared and Da Ali G Show). He has played producer on a slew of movies. And he will carry out this role once again in accordance with a developing Disney comedy titled The B Team.

The movie will surround a secret agent’s sidekicks—the tech support team who never sees any danger of its own—who are called into action to save their leading man when he is kidnapped by a supervillain. It sounds like it is in the vein of traditional motley crew/underdog stories, which, as far as I am concerened, belong to a timeless well that never dries out of comedy. Disney has been developing this project for many years now; perhaps Rogen’s specific visionary style will give it the right flavor to progress the film forward.

In addition to playing actor, writer and producer, Rogen has also been said to be taking his first stab at directing: adapting the short film Jay and Seth Vs. the Apocalypse, in which he and Jay Baruchel starred in 2007, to a feature film.

Sourc: Variety