Seth Rogen Joins The ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Seth RogenSeth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have the magic touch. And by magic touch I mean they have written several very funny movies and its no wonder a studio hired them to rework a pretty solid sounding premise. Neighborhood Watch was originally written by Jared Stern and went through the motions of being attached to one person or another (from everyone like Wedding Crashers’ David Dobkin to Will Ferrell) before finding itself in the laps of Rogen and Goldberg.

The story follows a group of middle aged men in a neighborhood who create the community watch program as an excuse to hang out. But then things get serious when they uncover a world domination plot by a sinister group of people and one would imagine they take matters into their own hands because the second half of a movie that is “Let me call the cops. Hey cops, you need to arrest these people. Ok, thanks, you too! Bye.” is not the best second act.

Comedies are subjective to taste. But we can all agree that Rogen’s movies are at least well written, right? I mean, he and Goldberg have written Superbad, Pineapple Express, and the upcoming Green Hornet. Even if you don’t think they’re funny, they’re at least well written. Agree with me on that at least. Come on, meet me halfway. Ok, how about Rogen’s laugh. That’s funny. Good, glad we can all agree on that.

Source: Hollywood Reporter