Seth Rogen to Deliver the Funny in ‘Jamaica’


Balancing compelling drama with laugh-out-loud comedy is no simple feat, but if any one is up to the task, it’s Seth Rogen.

This September sees the release of his touching cancer dramedy 50/50, a movie that co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and could see both gentlemen earning a few award nods by the end of the year. Rogen must have known he struck gold with the film, as he’s now set to recruit his 50/50 creative team for another round of top-notch filmmaking.

Rogen will reunite with his co-producer Evan Goldberg, 50/50 writer Will Reiser and director Jonathan Levine for Jamaica, a new comedy based on Reiser’s own childhood trip to the Caribbean island. Like 50/50, which chronicled Reiser’s battle with cancer, Jamaica will take a look back a trip the writer took with his grandmother at the young, ripe age of 14.

Obviously Rogen won’t be playing a teenager, so expect the call to go out for young persons with a funny bone as the movie is moving swiftly towards production (but don’t put it past the Knocked Up actor to find himself a co-starring role).

What young actor can bring the funny like Rogen?