Seventh ‘Fast & Furious’ Flick Already in the Works?

7783012.jpgProduction has yet to begin on the sixth Fast & Furious flick, and yet Vin Diesel is already talking about a seventh. Diesel, the newly revitalized franchise’s star and self-appointed mouthpiece, told THR that director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan began talking about an additional episode in the car-racing saga when they realized the story they had for Fast & Furious 6 was so ambitious and complex that one film could hardly do it justice. Thus plans were apparently initiated to pen the screenplays for two new films simultaneously. This comes as no surprise to anyone who’s seen Fast Five or any of its predecessors, all of which feature staggeringly dense narratives that require multiple viewings to comprehend.

Fast & Furious 6 (tentative title, of course) is currently slated for a May 24, 2013, release.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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