Jeff Bridges Stares Down a Dragon in ‘Seventh Son’ Trailer

If you need someone to teach you how to fight mythical beings, why not get Jeff Bridges? That’s exactly what our protagonist does in the trailer for Seventh Son, based on The Wardstone Chronicles series by Joseph Delaney.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

In the movie, Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) is an apprentice to John Gregory (Bridges), a Spook who fights dark creatures.  Together they attempt to take down Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), an evil witch who has it out for humans. Along the way, Tom has to battle all kinds of beasts, including dragons, a cyclops, and some guy with four arms. But he also gets to hook up with another not-so-evil witch, so that’s a plus. Seventh Son is in theaters on Jan 17, 2014.

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