‘Sex On The Moon’ Brought To You By Sony

Sex On The MoonKevin Spacey, federal larceny and NASA – three things I didn’t think I would write about today, but nevertheless three things I secretly hoped that I would get to write about today. And guess what? Today is my lucky day!

Sony Pictures has bought the rights to Sex on the Moon, the upcoming book from Ben Mezrich that chronicles one man’s scheme to steal the moon. Well, that kind of over sells it a bit. He planned to steal moon rocks! Eh, not impressive enough. He’s going to steal moon rocks… FROM NASA! Okay, now we’re talking. The true story follows Thad Roberts as he convinces two of his fellow NASA interns to steal millions of dollars worth of lunar samples from a highly secure NASA facility. The crazy thing is that they actually get away with it. Well, until they try to sell the rocks and get apprehended at their first transaction. Womp womp.

Sony Pictures really, and I mean really, likes Mezrich. He’s the author of The Accidental Billionaires, which was adapted into The Social Network that has been winning a few awards lately. He’s also the author of the book that was adapted into 21, which might not have been a critical darling like The Social Network but still made a buttload of cash for the studio.

And how does Kevin Spacey (appropriate name, dont’cha think?) fit into all of this? Well besides starring in 21, he was also an executive producer on The Social Network (weird, right?) and will once again executive produce Sex on the Moon.

Source: Sony Pictures