In Honor of ‘R.I.P.D.’, Check Out the Sexiest Ghosts That Ever Haunted The Screen

We knew Ryan Reynolds was one sexy fellow, but who knew his hottness would carry on post-mortem? Well, in his upcoming action-comedy R.I.P.D. alongside Jeff Bridges, Reynolds’ hot bod reveals that even ghosts are quite the hunks! 

In the Robert Schwentke directed film, Reynolds stars as Nick, a newly deceased cop who joins a crew of undead police officers working under the Rest in Peace Department to hunt down the man who killed him. 

Before checking out Reynolds in all his ghostly glory in R.I.P.D., take a gander at the sexiest ghosts that ever haunted the screen. We rounded up a slew of the most handsome actors and actresses that spooked us from the other side, from Eva Longoria to Patrick Swayze. So, launch our gallery to take a peek at these good looking ghoulish guys and gals!

GALLERY: The 14 Sexiest Ghosts Ever

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