Shawn Levy Handed The Keys To ‘Fantastic Voyage’

Shawn LevyJames Cameron seems like the kind of guy who would produce a giant, tent pole, 3D adventure, remake (nay, “re-imagining”) of the 1966 Sci-Fi classic Fantastic Voyage. So who is he going to get to direct this potential blockbuster?

Shawn Levy.

Wait, what?

Yep, the guy behind Date Night and the Night at the Museum movies has just been handed the reigns to a gigantic sci-fi adventure film that mostly takes place inside the human body. Granted, his latest effort Real Steel is an action packed film with Hugh Jackman, but it’s also about giant robots boxing each other (no, seriously); so that kind of discredits it all.

But who knows? James Cameron seems to be on to something. After all, he’s the guy that said “I want to make a $250 million dollar movie about blue cat people! In 3D!” and that worked out moderately well for the guy.

Source: Deadline