Shia LaBeouf Hunts Robert Redford in ‘The Company You Keep’

Robert RedfordI firmly believe that as long as Robert Redford keeps making movies, the apocalypse will hold off. The man-formerly-known-as-Sundance is set to direct and star in The Company You Keep alongside Shia LaBeouf. Adapted by Lem Dobbs from the Neil Gordon novel, the story is in the vein of the traditional man-on-the-run formula. Redford’s hero will be a militant renegade wanted by the FBI, freshly above ground after three decades of avoiding the radar thanks to the tireless efforts of an up-and-coming reporter in the form of LaBeouf.

The pairing of iconic stars of older and newer generations is always an interesting feat. Both Redford and LaBeouf have earned a lot of notoriety and praise. Their interesting and dissimilar styles, resultant both from individual learnings and generational differences in the approach to the craft, will likely contribute to an intriguing film.

Source: Variety