Behold! The First Shirtless Superman Picture from ‘Man of Steel’

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

When word came out that Superman was getting a reboot thanks to director Zack Snyder, everyone wondered who the villains would be, who would play Lois Lane, and what would the costume look like. Screw the costume! All of us who worship Zack Snyder for creating 300, which won an imaginary award I just created for Best Movie Featuring a Cast of Incredibly-Buff, Mostly-Naked Men in Homoerotic Situations, were only wondering one thing: what will Superman look like without the costume.

Now we know. Henry Cavill, no stranger to baring his torso in The Immortals and The Tudors, looks really damn good in Man of Steel. With a full beard and ample chest hair he looks, dare I say it, almost Wolverine-ish! Let’s hope this isn’t his only shirtless scene though. After all, some of us are going to need a reason to see this movie that has nothing to do with the villains, Lois Lane, or his red cape. 

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