Shiver Your Timbers with New ‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’ Poster

We (the movie-aholics of the world) tend to name drop Pixar whenever we’re looking for an infallible animation studio to praise, but let’s take a moment and all hail Aardman Animation. For decades, they’ve been meticulously constructing puppets to produce their unique style of claymation (which shepherded in an equally unique style of CG animation with Flushed Away and Arthur Christmas), telling stories with a particularly British comedic sensibility. They’re family friendly, but sharp. Wildly creative, but naturalistic. Tangible, thanks to the use of physical models, but entirely otherworldly. They’re films are something to behold and, I dare to say, they’ve never missed the mark. Creature Comforts, the Wallace & Gromit shorts and feature, Chicken Run—all stand-outs in the legacy of big screen animation.

Now we have another Aardman joint on the way: The Pirates! Band of Misfits. The official poster for the film has dropped, and it’s already packing more legit laughs than you’ll see in Hollywood animation. Having seen a little footage, I can attest that the monkey, Charles Darwin’s partner-in-crime, already stands a chance at being the funniest character of 2012. Little insider info.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits sails in to theaters April 27th.