10 Short Films to Watch Online This April

SkinJordana Spiro/Skin The Short Film/Facebook

On the web, filmmakers from around the world are releasing short films to express themselves and to garner a wide audience. Each month, we’re going to present 10 of the best short films that you can watch online immediately. Below are our picks for April 2014 (click the title of a film to watch on YouTube or Vimeo).

1. 7:35de la Mañana

Who made it? Nacho Vigalondo

What is it? A charming romantic musical that will put a smile on your face

How long is it? 7 minutes and 44 seconds

2. Zombinladen – The Axis of Evil Dead

Who made it? Clément Deneux

What is it? A fake exploitation trailer that would make Quentin Tarantino proud

How long is it? 4 minutes and 16 seconds

3. Remote

Who made it? Marc Roussel

What is it? A surreal story about a man who tries to prevent the murder of a young woman living in his house… 30 years in the past

How long is it? 19 minutes and 24 seconds

4. Asience: Hairy Tale

Who made it? Kazuto Nakazawa

What is it? The best shampoo commercial you’ll ever watch.

How long is it? 1 minute

5. Moonbounce

Who made it? Michael Kefeyalew

What is it? A film about a young boy who witnesses a horrific sight

How long is it? 6 minutes and 37 seconds

6. Dirigo

Who made it? Julia Haltof

What is it? A poetic, esoteric story about solitude

How long is it? 12 minutes and 25 seconds

7. Flo

Who made it? Riley Hooper

What is it? A documentary about Flo Fox, a blind photographer in New York City

How long is it? 9 minutes and 44 seconds

8. Set No Path

Who made it? Brooks Reynolds

What is it? A beautifully shot film about friendship

How long is it? 17 minutes and 10 seconds

9. The Last Three Minutes

Who made it? Po Chan

What is it? A day in the life of a dying man

How long is it? 5 minutes and 18 seconds.

10. Photograph of Jesus

Who made it? Laurie Hill

What is it? A strong look inside Getty’s Hulton Archive

How long is it? 6 minutes and 49 seconds