10 Short Films to Watch Online This February

Long BranchLong Branch/Facebook

The Internet has provided a platform for lesser-known filmmakers to present their work to a mass audience. This is clearly beneficial, but it can be daunting and time-consuming for the average person to search for the right film. This is a shame, however, because some of the best content can be found in cyberspace by creative individuals who aren’t yet controlled by the studio system. On the web, filmmakers from around the world are releasing short films to express themselves and to garner a wide audience. Each month, we’re going to present 10 of the best short films that you can watch online immediately. Below are our picks for February 2014 (click the title of a film to watch on YouTube or Vimeo).

1. Stick

Who made it: Ole Christoffer Haga

What is it: A charming animation about a man and a dog.

How long is it?: 7 minutes and 20 seconds

2. The Lincoln Division

Who made it: Bowie Alexander

What is it: A fake documentary about a ghost machine.

How long is it?: 12 minutes and 13 seconds

3. I Fenicotteri (Flamingos)

Who made it: Francesca Coppola

What is it: A powerful short about the relationship between a father and daughter.

How long is it?: 15 minutes and 5 seconds

4. Untold

Who made it: Ayu Dwi Astiti

What is it: An adaptation of the song/short story “Oh I Never Know” by Sarasvati.

How long is it?: 10 minutes and 23 seconds

5. The Fatal Sneeze

Who made it: Lewin Fitzhamon

What is it: A silent film about a man with an uncontrollable sneeze.

How long is it?: 5 minutes and 45 seconds

6. Long Branch

Who made it: Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart

What is it: A short about a one-night stand with a poignant twist.

How long is it?: 13 minutes and 42 seconds

7. La Robe

Who made it: Romain Claris

What is it: The making of a dress.

How long is it?: 3 minutes and 58 seconds

8. Big Man

Who made it: Julius Onah

What is it: A story about two brothers growing up in Nigeria.

How long is it?: 14 minutes and 5 seconds

9. Raw Love

Who made it: Martin Deus and Juan Chappa

What is it: A romance between two high school friends.

How long is it?: 14 minutes and 32 seconds

10. Guilty

Who made it: John Strong

What is it: A thriller about a man with a secret.

How long is it?: 9 minutes and 57 seconds