10 Short Films to Watch Online This May

Four EyesVimeo/Conor Byrne

On the web, filmmakers from around the world are releasing short films to express themselves and to garner a wide audience. Each month, we present 10 of the best short films that you can watch online immediately. Below are our picks for May 2014 (click the title of a film to watch on YouTube or Vimeo).

1. Foureyes

Who made it? Conor Byrne 

What is it? A visually striking coming of age film

How long is it? 12 minutes and 54 seconds

2. White

Who made it? Sam Alex Kay

What is it? An experimental cautionary tale about climate change

How long is it? 13 minutes and 28 seconds

3. Decision 

Who made it? Sebastian Klinger

What is it? A film about love

How long is it? 8 minutes and 8 seconds

4. My Man – Pittsburg, PA 

Who made it? Matt Landry

What is it? Possibly the best music video ever made 

How long is it? 2 minutes and 31 seconds

5. Memories of the Mothman

Who made it? Austin Birtch

What is it? An intriguing mystery about the mothman myth

How long is it? 7 minutes and 22 seconds

6. Mayaat

Who made it? Noémie David

What is it? A wonderful animation about insects

How long is it? 1 minute

7. The Girl and the Wolf 

Who made it? Eva Q Månsson

What is it? A reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood

How long is it? 13 minutes and 39 seconds

8. Spaces 

Who made it? Guilherme Petry

What is it? A musical glimpse into NYC subways

How long is it? 2 minutes and 24 seconds

9. Through the Looking Glass: One Second a Day 

Who made it? Alex Penate 

What is it? A year in the life of Penate, one second of video recorded each day on his iPhone 

How long is it? 6 minutes and 47 seconds 

10. Sunday Playtime 

Who made it? Chantel Beam 

What is it? An ode to freedom 

How long is it? 2 minutes and 39 seconds