Short List Announced For ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

Timothy Olyphant Abraham Lincoln Vampire HunterSo we have this adaptation of a fairly popular book that had all of Tinsel Town atwitter thinking it’ll be a big blockbuster. The book revolves around an alternate history of one of the United States of America’s (God Bless Her in all her glory) most iconic Presidents and re-imagines him as….a vampire hunter. Ok, I’m cool with that. Abe Lincoln was pretty bad-ass, let’s make him more bad-ass in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I think the movie is a great idea, but now 20th Century Fox started to handpick actors that are auditioning and all I can think is… Brit’s? You’re seriously considering hiring a British actor to pay Abraham Mother Fucking (that’s his true middle name, look it up) Lincoln?

The shortlist includes the fine red-blooded American actors Timothy Olyphant, Benjamin Walker, Adrien Brody, and Josh Lucas. The Brits they are considering are James D’Arcy and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. You really can’t get any more British if your last name is Darcy. I’m not an Anglo-phobe by any stretch of the means. I love Doctor Who. But this is Abraham Lincoln. You just can’t have someone that isn’t American play the part. It’s not like we’re trying to shove one of ours to be James Bond, are we?

The best choices here are Timothy Olyphant and Benjamin Walker. Olyphant because he is such an ass kicker in his own right, he would simply kill the role (and we mean that in a good way). Walker, because he has experience playing a kick-ass Presidents (he debuted as Andrew Jackson in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) so he knows how to walk the walk.

No word on who’s the current front runner, but Fox will have to cast up soon enough; the film needs to be in production soon to meet its June 22, 2012 release date.

Source: Deadline