Shortlist Of Directors For ‘Tales From Gangster Squad’

Martin CampbellAs previously reported, Warner Brothers is really excited about this movie Tales From Gangster Squad. They’ve offered it to Darren Aronofsky, but should he turn it down they have a list of potential directors they are considering and boy is not diverse! Just kidding, there are some old guys in there to balance it out.

Anyway, in an easy to digest list (with commentary) are the possibilities:

Paul Greengrass: Responsible for the Bourne movies but also Green Zone. He has potential to be a decent director for this gig, but do we really want to see gangsters through a shaky, hand held camera?

Francis Lawrence: Responsible for many a treasure and atrocity in the film world. He directed the pretty decent movies I Am Legend and Constantine. But he comes from the music video world where he did schlock like Jennifer Lopez’s Waiting for Tonight and that one Britney Spears video with a snake. Then again he also did Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Could be an interesting gangster movie from the guy.

Martin Campbell: Responsible for the great GoldenEye and greater Casino Royale – two very fine (and different) Bond movies. He can handle the action and  make a poker game intense as can be. Probably my favorite for the Gangster Tales job. His Green Lantern is getting good buzz even though its still months away from release. Pictured above.

Scott Cooper: Responsible for Crazy Heart, which was good if you liked The Wrestler but thought it would have been much better with country music instead of professional wrestling. Doesn’t sound promising.

Greg Berlanti: Responsible for the script for Green Lantern and several decent television shows like No Ordinary Family and Eli Stone. But he also directed Life as We Know It which condemns him to the hell of constant tormenting for continuing Katherine Heigel’s career.

Source: The Playlist