Shyamalan, Overbrook Said to Be Developing ‘One Thousand A.E.’ As Vehicle for Jaden Smith

ALTM. Night Shyamalan is working on putting together his next directorial effort, an ultra-clandestine sci-fi project that’s being developed at Will Smith‘s Overbrook.

According to the Heat Vision blog, One Thousand A. E., unlike most of Shyamalan’s oeuvre, is not written by the director.

Instead, The Book of Eli scribe Gary Whitta is on script duty with plot details under lock and key. However, says HV, A.E. is being developed as a vehicle for Jaden Smith. There is a starring role for an adult male, although sources said Will Smith will not be stepping in.

Meanwhile, Heat Vision notes that “the secret untitled project” Shyamalan shopped around in June, which came with Bruce WillisBradley Cooper and Gwyneth Paltrow loosely attached, never found a buyer and was quietly shelved.

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