Sidibe And Pena Join Ratner’s ‘Tower Heist’

Gabourey SidibeBrett Ratner is assembling quite the ensemble for his new Tower Heist flick. Having already snagged Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, and Alan Alda, he adds another Oscar nominated actor and one that is currently burning up on HBO. Joining the cast is Precious’ Gabourey Sidibe and Eastbound and Down’s Michael Pena.

Sidibe is, of course, most well known for her breakout role in Precious which earned her an Oscar nomination. She seems nice enough, as a person, but honestly I avoided Precious like it was a glitter filled, MIDI blasting, Myspace page (weird simile, I know).

Pena currently stars on Eastbound and Down as the eccentric owner of Kenny Power’s baseball team. He’s kind of crazy in the show but also kind of awesome. Not to mention what he got to do with Ana de la Reguera last episode (the lucky bastard).

Anyway, these two join the cast as employees of a major residential building who discover their pensions have been swindled by the boss who lives in the penthouse upstairs. And like any dissed employees, they complain to the Better Business Bureau. Just kidding, they hatch a plan to take care of the guy himself. It should also be repeated that Brett Ratner is directing. Take this how you will.

Source: Deadline