Simon West Will Direct ‘Medallion’

Simon WestAttention action fans: Simon West is keeping busy these days. I mean B-U-S-Y. His remake of the Charles Bronson movie The Mechanic hits theaters next year (but if you ask me, a remake starring Jason Statham is pretty ballsy; I don’t know that anyone can really touch Bronson) and he’s working on Dwayne Johnson’s next movie, Protection, as we speak. Now we can add another film to that pile. West just signed on to bring David Guggenheim’s latest script to the big screen – it’s a film called Medallion.

The story is about a father who has mere hours to find his kidnapped daughter who’s locked in the trunk of a New York taxi. While that plot doesn’t seem to be anything revolutionary, take a look at who wrote the script. Perhaps you remember that Guggenheim is brand new to the screenwriting game – he’s a Us Weekly editor who broke into Hollywood with no former experience and the hyped script for the upcoming Denzel WashingtonRyan Reynolds movie, Safe House. (I know, right? Who’d have thought a dude who works for a magazine that specializes in celebutante drama and scandals would be the next go-to action movie scribe?)

I can’t really speak from experience, because none of his scripts have made it to theaters quite yet (and Terry George was brought on to rewrite Safe House), but there’s got to be something to his success. Guggenheim’s gone straight to the top, nabbing Denzel as a leading man for his first movie and action vet West as a director . Oh, and did I mention McG’s producing? This isn’t exactly a bad way to start a career. And judging from the casting buzz around Medallion, things are only going to get better. Names like Clive Owen and Nicolas Cage are already being thrown around for the lead (please don’t let it be Nic Cage, PLEASE don’t let it be Nic Cage), and it looks like we may just be able to look forward to a slew of Guggenheim action films in the future.

Source: LA Times