‘Skyfall’: A Breakdown of All the Bond Action in the New Trailer

ALTWhat exactly did Quantum of Solace lack to make it such a disappointment to James Bond fans? Whatever that missing factor was, it’s probably present in the upcoming Skyfall. Judging from the latest trailer, which debuted during the Olympics, the next Bond movie has everything. Everything.

“What do you mean ‘everything’?” asks the skeptical Bond traditionalist, who hasn’t been satisfied by a 007 flick since Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Well, every imaginable death-defying, heart-breaking, all-around-cool-being act that James Bond can muster, Daniel Craig pulls off in the trailer below. Check out this comprehensive breakdown of all of the Bond-tastic elements in Skyfall:


Motorcycles: one speeding along some kind of a balcony; one crashing through a window; one parkouring and eventually falling into a violent alleyway

Fancy cars: silver, ostensibly speeding

Boats: a schooner, probably chock full of robe-wearing criminals; a gondala, adorned with dragons

Trains: ripe for the rooftop hopping


Bond walks through a burning village; firework shows; things explode

Sexual tension

Ranges from caressing to kissing among multiple women

Noble staring

At British flags, through secret windows, and at cityscapes (Craig knows how to pull off noble staring)



Back Hoes

Yes, surprisingly


Not just falling… skyfalling

Check out the trailer to see for yourself!


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