‘Skyfall’: Bond Arrives in Breathtaking China — VIDEO


ChinaJames Bond has been around. He’s gone all over Europe, several places in Central America, and has a big chunk of Asia under his belt. But, interestingly, no Bond film has ever taken its hero to China.

Here’s an explanation: James Bond has visited the two administrative regions of China — Hong Kong (in You Only Live Twice) and Macau (in The Man with the Golden Gun). Both movies were filmed in location in their respective region for at least one scene. But while the plot of Tomorrow Never Dies actually took the secret agent to the South China Sea, the scenes were actually filmed at a United States Air Force base in the United Kingdom.

Thus, Skyfall marks the first time that a Bond actor (Daniel Craig) will actually film in China itself (following a recent trend to take all of Hollywood’s biggest movies to the country). And the crew is clearly making up for lost time. Check out the exciting video below with an inside look at the filming of the new movie in Shanghai. Skyfall comes to theaters Nov. 9.


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