‘Skyfall’: James Bond… Back from the Dead — TRAILER


Daniel Craig: SkyfallNot long after the official website for the new James Bond movie Skyfall released its high-octane, rapid-fire Olympics TV spot, the site comes out with a trailer detailing the forthcoming film’s story. The video opens with a forlorn M (Judi Dench), lamenting the death of her beloved colleague, friend, and surrogate son, James Bond (Daniel Craig). He is, as if there was any doubt, still alive, having spent an extended period of time living under the radar, relishing in alcoholism, and apparently playing drinking games involving gigantic insects.

Judging by the aforementioned video (with all the flying motorcycles, explosions, and derailed trains anyone could ask for) in partnership with this new trailer, Skyfall looks like a solid Bond flick: a tortured, yet still unbelievably cool hero at the center of a dark plight of villainy (driven by the always great Javier Bardem), and surrounded by a whole bunch of lively action. A great deal of fun: exactly what we want from James Bond.


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