‘Skyfall’ Star Judi Dench on Her and Daniel Craig’s ‘British Phlegm’



Holding on to Dame Judi Dench between Pierce Brosnan‘s Die Another Day and Daniel Craig‘s Casino Royale was a risky move on the part of James Bond producers, but a risk that paid off, with the British thespian’s character only growing in importance as the series evolved. In Skyfall, director Sam Mendes continues the evolution, taking MI-6 head honcho M out of the office for more action, more thrills, and a fair share of emotional beats.

Dench won an Oscar for an 8-minute role in Shakespeare in Love. You think a few shootouts and explosions are going to keep her from punching us in the gut with acting gravitas? Ha!

Hollywood.com sat down with the actress to discuss her riveting turn in Skyfall, why things don’t get too emotional for her and costar Craig when things get really heavy, and about the one time she actually met an MI-6 agent — who kind of creeped her out with his mysteriousness.

Watch the video below. Skyfall is out in theaters now.

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