‘Skyfall’ Star Naomie Harris Talks Her Character’s Big Reveal — SPOILERS


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This article and video contain major spoilers for the ending of Skyfall.

Unlike most of the women in James Bond’s life, Eve (Naomie Harris) is part of the action from minute one. She off-roads it in a jeep, pulls the trigger on a major snipe shot, and later in the film, helps Bond infiltrate (and escape) a nefarious organization operating under the mask of a Chinese casino. Eve is not the type to sit on the sidelines.

Which makes her character’s big reveal at the end of the film both nostalgically satisfying and a little surprising. The nod to Bond history comes with a bit of baggage, and Harris was well aware of that while shooting Skyfall. The actress sat down with Hollywood.com to discuss the spoilery conclusion of the latest 007 adventure, and what it could mean for Eve in future installments:

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