Slide into Baseball Season with Jackie Robinson & the ’42’ Poster

So long, football! You didn’t get your own movie this season, so we barely remembered you existed until we caught all the summer blockbuster trailers during the Super Bowl. But we’ll still miss you.

With the ol’ pig skin locked up until next fall, the public conscious can finally set its sights on the next sport of choice. Baseball is right around the corner, the MLB set to begin the 2013 season on March 31. To remind us why the game is America’s pastime, and how it can act as a microcosm for current events, Warner Bros. is releasing its Jackie Robinson biopic, 42, on April 12, 2013.

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The film’s first poster has arrived, delivering on both the thrills of the game and the weight of Robinson’s situation. The early trailers for the movie recreate the tense environment of Robinson’s ball career while infusing it with contemporary rhythm. This one-sheet does the same thing, placing baseball smack dab in the center of our thoughts. If we were even considering hockey before, we certainly aren’t now that we have 42 in the immediate future.

42 poster Jackie Robinson

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[Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

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