Sneak Peak at ‘Thor’ Blu-ray Exclusive: Short Film ‘The Consultant’

ALTEven with Thor successfully established in their movie canon, Captain America clobbering box offices Nazis in theaters and the epic team-up Avengers set for next summer, Marvel seems unhappy letting their buzz temporarily quiet. Like the Lady Gaga’s of comic book moviedom, the studio continues to tease us with snippets of their world building schemes, with teasers of teasers of teasers that never let our interest die down. Very savvy.

Their latest endeavor comes courtesy of the upcoming Thor Blu-ray, which features a “one-off” (comic book speak for “this will leave you wanting more”) that follows actor Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson as he masterminds a plan to screw with General Thunderbolt Ross (last seen in The Incredible Hulk). The short film won’t be available until Thor hits shelves, but for the time being, Marvel has released a scene from the film that establishes a mysterious character we may or may not be familiar with—the Consultant.

For fans of the expansive continuity, this one’s a guilty pleasure: