Sneak Peak: Lea MIchele, Ashton Kutcher and Zac Efron Celebrate in ‘New Year’s Eve’ Clips

New Year's Eve Today’s date, Dec. 9, is celebrated the world over as New Year’s Eve. Or so I am led to understand—I get all of my information about the world from movies, and today, New Year’s Eve reaches theaters across America.

This new romantic comedy movie, directed by Garry Marshall, has one major thing going for it: whoever you are, whatever your interests may be, there has got to be at least ONE star of New Year’s Eve who appeals to you. That’s because pretty much the film managed to wrangle everyone in Hollywood, Bollywood, the New York theater area, upper Maine, downtown Sheboygan and suburban Kiev to be in this movie. And we’ve assembled a star-studded clip compilation to get you in the spirit of New Year’s Eve.

The first clip chauffeurs the unlikely duo of Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer who, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say were being matched up as some kind of romantic pairing. A gregarious Efron speaks casually with an uptight Pfeiffer, who looks a little uncomfortable, but also a little fascinated, by the young man.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in theaters everywhere, now!