Sneak Peek: ‘Chronicle’ Clips Show How to Have Fun with Superpowers

Chronicle This Friday, the found-footage superhero film Chronicle will overtake theaters, giving us a new and interesting take on the genre. Chronicle introduces three young stars (Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell, Dane DeHaan) as a trio of friends whose lives and attitudes begin to change dramatically after they all develop superhuman abilities. In order to get an idea of just how far off course these powers take the boys’ lives, check out the clip collection below.

Probably the first thought that would enter the minds of any misguided teenager upon developing telekinesis: how much fun can I have with this? And these boys are bent on finding out—starting things off by satisfying some of their voyeuristic desires.

So how does the Chronicle unravel? Do Steve (Jordan) and Matt (Russell) eventually come to their senses and start taking their powers seriously? Can they stop Andrew from causing ultimate destruction? Do they ever make any Matrix references? We’ll find out in theaters, this Friday, February 3.