‘Snow White’ Sequel Focuses on Huntsman…Not Kristen Stewart?


Chris HemsworthIf you’ve seen either of the Snow White and the Huntsman trailers — which you can watch here and here — you probably have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the upcoming movie: a gallant, dashing Snow White (Kristen Stewart). A diabolical, haunting Queen (Charlize Theron). Some magnificent, imaginative aesthetics. Oh, and also, there’s a huntsman in there somewhere. Despite his titular mention and big-name casting (Chris Hemsworth), the huntsman hasn’t really gotten much attention in the promotional material. So it is particularly surprising that he might actually get his own sequel.

Although nothing is solidified, it is becoming the norm to grant sequels to successful films, especially in the fantasy and adventure genre. According to THR, Universal has proclaimed an interest in pursuing a Huntsman-centric sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, if the movie fares well at the box office. If the recently released Snow White comedy Mirror Mirror is any indication, SWATH might well see a profitable run.

So, a sequel is no surprise. The shock about this news is that the sequel doesn’t look to make Kristen Stewart, one of SWATH‘s biggest pulls, its focus. Thanks to her Twilight Saga acclaim, Stewart is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood today, with an ever-growing career. To shift her to the sidelines of an upcoming sequel, or potentially exclude her altogether, seems like a pretty risky business decision.

But then again, so does ruling your entire kingdom based on things a mirror tells you.



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