Somebody Made a Live-Action ‘Toy Story’ Remake for Some Strange, Incredible Reason

Live Action Toy Story

None of this planet’s most majestic endeavors can be effectively explained, the inherent mystery and oddity contributing to their permeating whimsy. We might never know how Stonehenge or the Pyramids came to be, might never truly understand or be able to describe the aurora borealis. And a quandary just as great comes attached to the latest wonder upon which humankind has stumbled: a homemade, live action version of the Pixar classic Toy Story, which you can watch below.

In your journey through the first few minutes of the feature-length video (seriously, it’s the entire movie), you might entertain the question, “Why, pray tell, would somebody make this?” And in striving for an answer to said query, you’d likely return to the sage words of mountaineer George Mallory, who’d come to take on the peaks of Everest with a vigor that would eventually cost him his life. And why? “Because it’s there.” The exact same reason why someone might want to reenact an 80-minute animated movie with their own action figures.

So if you’re feeling for whatever reason dismayed, lost, sullen, fluish, all in all without the drive or inspiration you once knew, just look to Live Action Toy Story: a prophecy devoted to the idea that sometimes, you don’t need a reason. Sometimes, all you need is an idea. An idea that just seems sorta funny, strangely enticing, just crazy enough to work.

For more details on the project, check out the fan film’s Facebook page. And take note: if you think something sounds awesome, even if you can’t explain why, it probably is. So go for it.

[Photo Credit: Live-Action Toy Story Project]


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