Song from the Forest | 2015

Foreign, Documentary
An American man who moved to the rainforest 25 years ago and had a son there brings the boy to New York to see where his father came from.
Director: Michael Obert
Writers: Michael Obert
Awards: 1 win | full awards »


Tondowski Films

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Twenty-five years ago, American Louis Sarno heard a song on the radio and followed the mysterious sounds all the way to the Central African rainforest, finding their source with the Bayaka Pygmies, a tribe of hunters and gatherers. He never left, and today he has recorded over 1,000 hours of unique Bayaka music, is an accepted member of their society, and has a 13-year-old son, Samedi. When Samedi was a baby, Louis vowed to show him the world he came from and now they travel from the rainforest to New York City, meeting Louis' friends and family.